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All your procedures are carried out smoothly by your car experts and sent to your address.
Since 2010, JCC has been able to send vehicles for its customers from Japan to the world without any problems.
The satisfaction of our valued customers is essential for us. You can contact us at any time before or after your car's purchase.
The vehicles provided for our customers are placed on the first available ship by performing the necessary procedures.

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Who Are We?

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Blog Articles

The Japanese Car Market

Second-hand car auction in Japan, that is, the place where the Japanese car market, used cars and other vehicles are sold, based on the auction bid system. In many countries like the US, the auction system does not apply for protect car dealers but Car auctions in Japan are very popular.

How Reliable is the Second Hand Car Auction System in Japan?

How Reliable is the Japanese Second-Hand Car Auction System? Here are the reasons why Japanese car auctions are so popular and reliable ...

Buy Car from Japan and Get Advantages

The increase in the demand for second-hand Japanese and foreign automobiles in the world led to the popularity of the Japanese auction system. Japan has created Auction Zones in Japan to enable faster and easier purchase of used cars and other vehicles ...


Will I Have Customs' Trouble from Japan to My Country?

Be sure that there is no restriction on the import of the vehicle for your country. When your vehicle arrives at your port, you need to learn about the import procedures required to avoid a delay and trouble. For this, you can get service from customs companies.

What should I do when my vehicle arrives to the port?

When your car arrives at the port you specify, you must apply to the customs with the documents that we have sent in advance. In order to avoid any delays or problems, you should know the import procedures in advance. For this, you can get service from customs companies.

Is the Auction System in Japan Reliable?

The vehicles are fully inspected by Japanese authorities before auction. This examination is true and fair because of the reputation of the Auction Hall. You can choose a vehicle with peace of mind by reviewing the vehicles and reports from our auction page.

How can we trust you?

JCC has been exporting vehicles from Japan since 2010. You can follow our web page and social accounts on car sales, customer reviews and other issues.
In Japan, buying a vehicle from auction has many advantages. Customers prefer to buy vehicles from an auction, based on quality and reliable reporting. Buyers who take into consideration the appropriate payment and delivery conditions have no fear of being deceived.

Can I Participate in the Auction System Individually?

The auction system is not open to individuals. However, participating in these tenders is possible with agencies who are members of the auction.

Are the necessary inspections of the vehicles in the system made?

Every vehicle in the Japanese car market has an inspection report completed after an examination by the Japanese auto auctioneers independent of the seller. The inspection report provides 99.9% accuracy in determining the condition of the vehicle. This has increased Japan's reliability worldwide.